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Whatever goals you have as you consider the possibility of taking music lessons, our goal at Forte is to help you achieve them. With many instructors available representing a range of musical backgrounds and teaching techniques, we will work with you to fulfill -- and hopefully surpass -- your expectations.

We offer private lessons for string, woodwind and brass instruments, as well as guitar, bass, piano and voice. Interested students have opportunities, individually and with the Forte Youth Orchestra, to perform at a variety of community events. At Forte, we do not sell or repair instruments.  We are all about teaching, learning and performing.

We are located at the familiar Fredericksburg crossroads where Route 3 meets U.S. Highway 1. The street address is 1691 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401.  Our campus is shared with a large brick building that is home to several University of Mary Washington offices and a number of other businesses.  Plenty of free parking is available.  For detailed driving directions, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Our regular hours are 3:00 to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  If you need an appointment to talk with us outside of those times, feel free to phone (540-899-6787) or e-mail us to make arrangements. (Click the Contact Us link above.)  We are usually closed on major holidays, as indicated on the Forte Calendar.  (Click the Calendar link above.)

Christine Hartigan, an active leader in the Fredericksburg music community since the 1980s, founded Forte Music Studios in 2005 with a commitment to the importance of three essential elements -- teaching, learning and performing. She composed a Mission Statement which addresses each element individually: "To develop the student's musical skills and knowledge, Forte provides an exceptional approach to teaching.  To enhance the student's life-long appreciation of music, Forte provides an environment that enriches the learning experience.  To encourage the student's continued progression, Forte provides a variety of performance opportunities."

Performance is an essential part of music.  Our facility is equipped to host recitals for students and ensembles.  At Forte Music Studios, we showcase the diligent work of our students by holding recitals at various times during the year.  Students of all ages and skill levels are invited and encouraged to perform.  Likewise, many Forte instructors are active musicians and perform as soloists or in ensembles throughout the region.  Details about concerts and other events are posted on the Forte website calendar.  (Click the Calendar link at the top of this page.)

Forte Music Studios students are often invited to perform for events in cooperation with schools, churches, and other community organizations.  If you are interested in exploring opportunities that may be available in this regard, please contact us by telephone, e-mail or a visit at your convenience.  (Click the Contact Us link at the top of this page.)

When you call or walk through the front door into Forte Music Studios, your first contact may be with John Giannini, whose responsibilities as Administrative Associate include overseeing the front desk, greeting visitors, answering questions, handling telephone calls and keeping track of student/teacher lesson schedules on a daily basis. Mr. Giannini, a student at the University of Mary Washington, began working at Forte in the summer of 2018. From time to time, the front desk is also supervised by Forte Instructor/Owner Young Devereaux. Their objective, expressed as much as possible with outgoing friendliness and a professional manner, is to assure that Forte is a place where students, parents, teachers and visitors are welcomed with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. Forte is open for lessons most Mondays through Thursdays from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. and often at other times as well.  Everyone is invited to drop in for a visit!

Forte is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) and Virginia Route 3 (William Street/Plank Road), approximately halfway between downtown Fredericksburg and Interstate 95.  Here are specific driving directions that may be useful to you:

Going West (away from downtown) on Route 3:  Pass the exit to US 1 South. Almost immediately turn right into our parking lot.

Going East (toward downtown) on Route 3: Turn right onto the exit to US 1 North. Loop up and over the bridge.  Immediately take the exit to Route 3 West.  Pass the exit to US 1 South.  Almost immediately turn right into our parking lot.

Going North on US 1:  Turn right onto the exit to Route 3 West.  Pass the exit to US 1 South, and almost immediately turn right into our parking lot.

Going South on US 1:  Turn right onto the exit to Route 3 West.  Immediately after merging onto Route 3, turn right into our parking lot.
Forte was purchased in 2011 by the father-son partnership of John Devereaux and Young Devereaux, operating as jYD'expressions, inc. Young Devereaux, who has worked at Forte as an instructor and administrative associate since 2007, is responsible for day-to-day management duties, in addition to teaching saxophone, clarinet and guitar lessons. Young credits his years of working with Christine Hartigan as being "the best possible preparation" for his role as owner-manager. "We genuinely appreciate Christine's leadership in establishing Forte and her respect for the highest standards of musical and instructional excellence," said Young. "We pledge to continue the mission of Forte Music Studios in keeping with those same standards and traditions."

We usually conduct an introductory welcoming interview with each new student to assure that he or she is placed with the most appropriate instructor, depending on such factors as the student's previous music education and level of proficiency.

To ensure success, students should follow a daily practice regimen that reinforces what they are taught during their lessons. Progress is directly affected by how much time and effort is devoted to practicing between weekly lessons. Individual instructors will provide more specific guidelines for practicing.

Absences from lessons are strongly discouraged.  The progress of each student depends upon consistent attendance and instruction. Therefore, it is crucial that parents and students conscientiously strive to maintain their agreed-upon lesson schedules. Parents are always welcome to attend lessons with their students or make themselves at home with us while waiting for lessons to be completed.  Free wi-fi is available in the Forte sitting area.

Parents of non-adult students are expected to take seriously the following Steps to Success:  Consistently attend lessons or rehearsals when possible.  Encourage good practice habits.  Communicate regularly with your student's instructor and/or ensemble director. Ensure proper instrument maintenance. Show support by attending performances. 

There is a one-time $35 per student registration fee for lessons (payable to Forte Music), with a fee of $20 for each additional family member. The fee for lessons with most teachers is $30 for approximately thirty minutes of instruction time, payable directly to the teacher at the beginning of each month. A few teachers use a different rate structure. Most students take one half-hour lesson per week.  Fees to take part in workshops and ensembles vary based on several conditions, including group size and participation frequency.

​For complete information about Forte Music Studios policies, please request a copy of the Student Guide.  Each student receives a Guide before his or her first lesson.  Additional copies are available for review by parents and students who are considering the possibility of enrolling in lessons at Forte. If you would like to receive a copy of the Student Guide as an e-mail attachment, please click on Contacts at the top of this page and send us a request. 
Christine Hartigan, Founder of Forte,
and Owner-Manager Young Devereaux