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Did you get a guitar for Christmas?  See below for information about group guitar classes, starting soon at Forte Music Studios. And if you're interested in the possibility of taking private lessons on the guitar -- or any other instrument -- give us a call at Forte at 540-899-6787. The start of a new year is the perfect time to pursue your musical dreams!
THANK YOU for visiting Forte Music Studios online! From 2005 until 2019, our objective at Forte was to provide a positive environment for collaborative teaching and learning. Music at Forte was taught by expert, professional instructors to students of all ages who learned through both study and performance. (Click on the Instructors link above.)

MOST of those excellent and experienced instructors are continuing to teach in other Fredericksburg area studios, privately at home or in other venues. Refer to their biographical summaries on the Instructors page for information about how to contact them.

OUR GOAL at Forte was always to share our knowledge and love of music with each student in an individual setting. Whether you have a musical background -- or have never before taken a music lesson -- there is an enthusiastic former Forte instructor who can assist you in your own musical journey. Take a few moments to read the teacher biographies on the Instructors page. Then reach out to one or more of those outstanding teachers. They look forward to hearing from you!

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THE FINAL FORTE SENIOR RECOGNITION SPRING CONCERT, featuring performances by several Forte students, was held on Saturday, May 18, 2019, at Peace United Methodist Church in Fredericksburg, followed by a reception with light refreshments. "This last Forte concert was an opportunity for people throughout the Fredericksburg area to support and celebrate these young musicians, especially those who were graduating from high school this year," said Young Devereaux, instructor-owner of Forte Music Studios.  Participants in the May 18 program are pictured below. To see more photos from the May concert, please go to the Photos page on this website and scroll to the lower part of the page.

Scroll down this page for complete information about Forte's Rock Orchestra Class, beginning in late January, and "Fast Forward with Forte" for saxophone and clarinet students, starting in February. You don't want to miss these upcoming opportunities!
Forte Music Studios operated from 2005 until 2019 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Forte closed permanently in early August of 2019. Most Forte instructors are still teaching elsewhere. For information about how to contact these teachers, please refer to the Instructors page of this website. More information is also available lower on this page and on other pages of this website. Thank you!
PICTURED BELOW are students who participated in previous music recitals and programs sponsored by Forte Music Studios. More pictures are available on the Photos page of this website.
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An Important Message About Forte Music Studios ...

Forte Music Studios closed permanently the first week of August 2019. Making the decision to close was terribly difficult. But for various reasons during the months prior to closing, several instructors found it necessary to discontinue teaching or move elsewhere, resulting in a significant drop in student enrollment.

We regret the disruption Forte's closing caused to a number of people. We tried but could not find a viable way to stay open. The owner of the building was helpful in making short-term lease adjustments which allowed us to postpone closing, but unfortunately we were not able to work out a long-term arrangement that would be feasible for both us and the building owner.

Since 2005 we estimate that more than 3,000 individual students were enrolled in about 56,000 hours of musical instruction at Forte Music Studios, taught by approximately 50 teachers. At least 300 guitarists, pianists, violinists, saxophonists and more were featured in over 30 Forte recitals at Peace Methodist Church and other venues. These numbers are impressive. But the individual stories of student growth and achievement are much more impressive. We are immensely grateful to have been able to help make these achievements possible.

We appreciate the assistance of Sheila Burns at Roberson's Music for welcoming a number of Forte teachers and students, and for assisting with transitions that were as smooth and seamless as possible. In a sense, this was a kind of homecoming. Forte was originally founded in 2005 by several Roberson's Music instructors who decided to launch a new studio experience.

We remain very grateful to each person who was part of the "Forte Family." As owners of Forte Music Studios from May 2011 to August 2019, we deeply appreciate the students, parents, instructors and others who contributed to making Forte a place of outstanding musical teaching, learning and performing.

                                                            Young                                       John

                                                    Young Devereaux                            John Devereaux

August 3, 2019